rob515 (rob515) wrote,

Democratic Debate

And so, the third Democratic Debate has taken place. Although many hopeful Republicans were hoping that Hillary and Bernie would go after each other, fangs and claws ready to rip each other apart – a scene that could easily be imagined in a Republican debate, featuring that master of insult and chaos Donald trump – no such episode occurred. Bernie simply apologized to Hillary, she accepted, and they both resolved to go on to other, more important issues; issues like the uneven distribution of wealth, realistic tactics for dealing with Isis, gun control, racial profiling and the demonization of all Muslims, and education. Nobody called anybody else stupid or weak or ugly. They simply stood with the issues.

It is very unlikely that I would ever vote for one of the current Republican candidates, but I respect true conservatism, and would really like to hear a discussion by well informed men and women about where they would take the country. Instead, we are destined to hear endless statements like the pyramids being built to store Joseph's grain, how we should all buy guns and shoot each other, and how stupid, or ugly, or weak all the other candidates on the stage are. Republican community—GET A LIFE!

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