rob515 (rob515) wrote,

Let me tell you one of the things that really confuses me. It is so obvious to me that the Republican Party is using brainwashing techniques to get people to vote for them. They are obviously using the ingrained bigotry of many of the citizens of this country to turn people against Obama and his administration. Of course, they are not doing this because they think they have a superior way of building up this country. They do it simply to gain the power to a lot the resources of this country and this planet to the rich. The confusing thing is that so many people are blind to this manipulation. The will hear someone like Romney say that he thinks that 47% of the people in this country are essentially wasted protoplasm, but, in their hate of black people, they will march out in legions to vote for him anyway. They will hear Paul Ryan say that he is going to cut away any support that anyone in this country who does not own a thriving business, and they will hear that he is going to cut support for black people, never suspecting that he is talking about them as well. Yet they will don their tri-quarter hats, play American Revolutionary, and vote him into office. They will know that Ted Cruz threaten to close down the economy for everyone, but think he is just talking about closing it down for blacks and other minorities. And when he runs for election, they will scream to make him president.

I sometimes think of Robert Graves' portrayal of Cladius the Roman emperor. According to Graves, Claudius vowed to be as bad an emperor as possible, so that he could convince people that only a Republic could possible produce the kind of government people desired. I sometimes wish that in the next election, 100% Republicans were voted into office. Let them have all the power there is to have. Then I would watch as the country sank under floods caused by global warming, the corporations managed to take away all our rights, paid us $1.25 an hour for our work, and claimed that as people they had more rights than anyone.

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